Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating compound found in Cannabis and is often used to make products that provide health benefits. You can consume cannabidiol through vaping, pills, capsules, tinctures, or edible treats. It can also be absorbed through the skin in cream or lotion form. How long the compound affects a person and stays in their body depends on a variety of factors. Cannabidiol, also known as cbd, can begin to affect you within minutes of consuming it, or it might take an hour to feel the effects. The difference is how the compound is consumed.  

While cannabidiol generally stays in the body for two to five days, it can remain for weeks. How much you use, your body chemistry, what you eat, and the type of product used all influence how cannabidiol impacts the body and detection time. 

How Cannabidiol Affects the Body

Vaping is the fastest way to absorb cannabidiol. Inhaling vaporized cannabidiol rushes it into the system, creating an impact within minutes. Sublingual oil drops and tinctures are placed under the tongue, go directly to the bloodstream, and act quickly. Cbd softgels and edibles take a little longer to affect the body since they pass through the digestive system. Creams and lotions take the longest to produce benefits.

How long cannabidiol affects each person depends on how much they are used and their size, metabolism, and method of consumption. For example, if you use Cbd oil, you can generally expect benefits to last a few hours. Fortunately, it is safe to take more as needed.

Several Factors Affect Cannabidiol Detection 

There is no single, easy way to determine the length of time cannabidiol can be detected in each person’s body. Per CFAH health professionals, how long the compound remains in the system can be influenced by age, gender, general health, or even the amount of water you drink.

The frequency of cannabidiol use also determines how long it can be detected. Those who only consume it from time to time can expect the body to remove all traces within seven days. However, there is no reliable estimate for regular users. Simply put, experts don’t have enough information to predict exactly how long cannabidiol will stay in an individual’s body. 

There have been several studies done over the years. Still, findings vary widely, and none of the research provides a method of accurately calculating precisely how long cannabidiol will remain in your system. In general, studies show that the duration can span four to twenty-five days, which is the closest estimate scientists can offer after years of research. 

Various Ways Used to Detect Cannabidiol in the System 

Most people want to know whether using cannabidiol products can cause them to fail a drug test. According to American Marijuana professionals, the answer is no, assuming you are using a product that contains no THC or only undetectable amounts. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that creates a “high,” but it is typically not found in cannabidiol products.  

Because cannabidiol has so many benefits and is often used medicinally, there has been little effort to create affordable, easy-to-access tests that determine whether it is still in the system. However, drug treatment specialists do provide some guidelines based on various testing protocols they use to measure: 

  • Cannabidiol in saliva.  The compound may be detected in saliva for approximately 72 hours. Saliva is rarely used to detect cannabidiol. However, regular use of THC-tainted products could extend the timeframe.  
  • Cannabidiol in the blood.  Cannabidiol will only show up in blood tests for five hours after use. Its metabolites can stay in the system for seven days. Tests to detect the presence of THC after consuming cannabidiol are only valid within a five-hour period. 
  • Cannabidiol in urine.  In some cases, cannabidiol remains in heavy users’ systems for a week, and a urine test may be able to detect the compound in their urine for a month. In single-exposure situations, THC and associated metabolites could show up in urine for three days. Generally, you need to consume more than 2,000mg of cannabidiol products daily to trigger a positive urine test. Regular cannabidiol use causes it to accumulate in the system, sometimes leading to a false-positive test result. 
  • Cannabidiol traces in hair.  Substances like cannabidiol may be detected in hair samples for as long as three months after the last use. However, trace amounts of THC do not show up in hair tests.  

In summary, there is no simple, quick way to determine how long cannabidiol stays in the system. The time it affects and remains in each person’s body depends on many factors, including how much cannabidiol they use, their metabolism, health, and gender. Using cannabidiol products will not cause you to fail a drug test. 

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