CBD oil is increasingly used for a variety of reasons in adults and is easier to find than ever before. Now, benefits are being seen when it’s given to pets, as well. Dogs can have CBD oil in low doses and receive many health benefits as a result. Before offering CBD to pets, however, it is a good idea to learn more about it and how it can help. This way, pet owners can make the right decision for their beloved pets. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in cannabis and hemp. It is similar to THC, another compound found in cannabis, but does not have the psychoactive properties that THC includes. CBD provides medical benefits without the feeling of being high or any related side effects. This makes it much safer to consume or use topically. Products can include both CBD and THC when used for humans, but these products should be avoided for pets. Instead, opt for a CBD product that has no THC included when buying for use with pets. Check out pet-specific products to use for maximum safety, like those available from Everybody CBD.

CBD Versus THC

CBD and THC are both compounds found in cannabis, but they are very different. THC includes psychoactive properties, which causes the feeling of being high. In pets, THC can be dangerous. At high levels, like those typically taken by humans, THC can be toxic to pets and lead to death. CVD, however, does not have this toxicity. Potential side effects are relatively minor and do clear up quickly. Pet owners should note, however, that CBD can have an impact on prescription medications, so it is necessary to be careful when using CBD and other medications prescribed by a veterinarian. 

Studies on CBD in Dogs

The world of CBD is relatively new. While the usage by humans has been studied, there are far fewer studies done on pets. Scientists do know the potential side effects and that it is safe in low doses for pets, but they don’t yet know exactly how it interacts with the pet’s body and all of the benefits pets can see by using it. As time goes by, more studies will be completed to give a better picture of how CBD works and exactly what it can help in pets. 

Help Treating Pain

CBD features anti-inflammatory properties, similar to NSAIDs currently used in medications for humans. Dogs who have pain due to inflammation, such as arthritis or intervertebral disc disease may find relief when using CBD. Some studies on humans show the same benefit when using CBD oil with THC, but this has not been studied in pets, so should be avoided. Instead, a small amount of CBD-only oil can help pets find pain relief. 

Treating Itchiness

Itching can have many causes and in some pets, can get to the point where they are suffering other issues like infections due to the amount of itching. Pet owners who have tried everything so far or want to try something natural may want to give CBD oil from somewhere like foreverybody.com a try. So far, studies have shown a significant decrease in itchiness and the amount of itching reported by owners when CBD is used for pets. CBD can also help with some of the impacts excessive itching causes, such as inflammation and skin lesions. 

Assistance Caring for Cancer

CBD oil is not a cure-all for cancer in pets, but it can help. Dogs undergoing chemotherapy for cancer may be able to use CBD oil at the same time. Initial studies have shown this can help reduce cancer cells and prevent metastasis in pets, helping shrink cancer cells or put the pet into remission. With CBD along with chemo treatments, veterinarians saw much better results, so it’s something that may be worth talking to the vet about if a pet will be starting chemotherapy. 

Help for Behavioral Concerns

Pets, like humans, can suffer from anxiety and other behavior-related concerns. CBD is something that may be able to help with this, though there is little research available yet. More studies are needed to see how effective CBD might be and whether it could be a more natural way to help provide relief to pets suffering from anxiety or related issues. One study did show promising results for reducing aggression, but the results for anxiety-related assistance have been mixed, so far. Still, pet owners hoping to find something to help may want to give CBD a try and see if it could be an effective way of treating behavioral issues for their pets. 

Some Help With Seizures

Seizures can be scary and cause further medical issues for pets. However, some studies are being done to learn more about how CBD can help with seizure disorders in pets. Results from current studies show some ability to help, though the assistance may not be long-lasting. The main concern with using CBD to help with seizures is that it can interfere with prescribed medications designed to help with seizure disorders in pets, so working with a veterinarian is crucial when giving this a try. It’s also very important to avoid any products with THC, as THC can cause seizures in pets. 

Other Potential Benefits of CBD Oil

So far, with the limited studies, all of the benefits of CBD oil and exactly how it can benefit pets is not known. Scientists are still doing studies to determine how effective CBD can be and how much it can help with various ailments or concerns. Still, there has been some evidence that CBD can help with more than what’s listed here, including fighting infections, helping with nausea, assisting with bone healing, and providing help with inflammatory bowel disease. Pet owners can speak with their veterinarian about any concerns to see if CBD might be helpful to try. 

How to Give Pets CBD

CBD can be given to pets in a variety of ways. The most common type of CBD for pets is an oil, which can be given to the pets directly from the dropper or put on their food when they eat. Many include flavors dogs will love, so they’ll enjoy taking it or eating food that has it. Chews are an alternative to pets and can include other ingredients that can be beneficial, as well. Chews are like small treats, so most pets are going to enjoy getting one each day. It is important to make sure the dose is right, whether offering a chew or using the oil, to avoid giving the pet too much at once. 

Risks of CBD Use

As mentioned, studies are ongoing for using CBD oil with pets. However, so far results have shown that CBD is safe to use, unlike THC. There are still studies that need to be done and there are a few risks that pet owners should be aware of before offering CBD to their pets. With CBD, pets can experience a rise in ALP (alkaline phosphatase) in tests, but there is no research yet for whether this is something to be concerned about or if it’s just how the liver value is measured. Some dogs can also become sleepy if they take a high dose of CBD, but that usually isn’t a concern. The other risk is that the CBD oil could interact with the pet’s medications, so talking to a veterinarian is a good idea if the pet already has prescriptions. 

Dosage and Prescriptions

Dosage is something that needs to be carefully determined to find out what’s effective without potentially giving the pet too much. Most studies recommend between two and eight milligrams per kilogram of the dog’s weight. It is usually better to start with a smaller dose to get started. Right now, CBD can’t be prescribed by veterinarians and many are hesitant to bring it up as a potential treatment for pets. However, pet owners can find a vet with experience in CBD and pets and talk with them about potential benefits as well as finding the correct dose to use. 

Though more studies are needed, CBD use for pets is showing promising results for a variety of ailments and other issues. Pet owners who are interested in trying CBD with their pets will want to make sure they choose the right product, offer the right dosage, and keep an eye on the pet to note potential benefits. Veterinarians can answer any questions about CBD use and pets, helping owners make better decisions about what to try. 

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